Breeze Birthing

Education, Tools, Techniques & Support to empower you through pregnancy, birth & beyond, no matter where or how you birth your baby

Giving you the tools and techniques to empower you through pregnancy, birth and beyond, no matter where or how you birth your baby.


HypnoBirthing is not a new concept, we have been birthing like this for centuries.

A natural concept, it teaches you that in the absence of fear and tension, or special circumstance, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour at all.

You can experience birth as nature intended, beautifully, calmly and easily.

You will not be in a trance or sleep, simply deeply relaxed and focused as if you were reading a good book or watching a film. You will be fully awake throughout, know everything is well, normal and progressing and in control. Your muscles and body will be working as nature intended and in the calm state you will release the precious endorphins much more powerful than morphine and restrict those stressor hormones that cause pain.

Benefits are not restricted to just the birth itself, but also include even greater bonding with your baby, FAST recovery, energy, easier feeding, significant reduction in the chance of PND (post-natal depression),   


The complete Wise Hippo Birthing Programme with one of the first Wise Hippos - Jane Wallington

With the full course, you will receive:
* A wise, experienced & passionate Instructor
* An incredible 10 hour programme, usually taught as 4 x 2.5hr sessions. So much more than a standard antenatal class!
* The Wise Hippo workbook manual to support your practice at home.
* Beautifully scripted MP3s to help you with your preparation
* Client area access to of The Wise Hippo website
* Support from our experts and other mums via our online groups
* Meet other couples having babies at the same time as you
* Refreshments
* Obtain skills for life!

Class one

  • The history of childbirth

  • The Picture of Childbirth today

  • The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme materials

  • Defining Hypnosis

  • Acknowledging Pain

  • The Physiology of Birth and the Impact of Fear

  • Mind / Body connection

  • The Impact of Others

  • Taking charge of your thoughts with 3 x tools

Class two

  • Relaxation – the antidote to discomfort

  • What is Relaxation?

  • Positions for Relaxation

  • Remember to Breathe

  • Self-Hypnosis

  • Eyes Open Hypnosis

  • Time Distortion

  • Anchoring

  • Birth Partners Script

  • Establishing a practice routine

Class three

  • Prenatal bonding

  • Choosing where to have your baby

  • Choosing who will be with you when you have your baby

  • Alternative options for promoting comfort

  • Medical intervention

  • Natural nudges of encouragement for your baby

  • Interventions explained

  • Benefits of a natural birth

  • Writing your birth plan and making your birth choices

  • Physical preparations for birth

  • The mirror mantra

  • Fear release session

Class four

  • Soothing strokes and the power of positive touch

  • Positions for birth

  • Ligaments and pelvis

  • Humming your baby down - birthing your baby

  • Birth partner’s role

  • Using the techniques during labour

  • When baby arrives

  • Sea of Serenity – Birth Hypnosis session

  • The third stage of labour

Hypnobirthing with a group (£250) - regular classes in Royston, Baldock & Biggleswade

CLICK HERE to view up and coming courses

HypnoBirthing @ Home - from £350

If you are unable to make it to a group class, why not hold the classes in the comfort of your own home? Please contact us for more information:

Hypnobirthing with Friends - from £500 per group

Hypnobirthing is fun with friends too! Simply organise a group together consisting of 2 or more  couples to spread the cost at a crazily reduced price?! Please contact us for more information:           

Discovery Session-Relax, Breathe & Birth - 2 hours

Discover if Hypnobirthing is for you in this fantastic introduction to Hypnobirthing - an information session and workshop with BIG differences. 



Royston Complementary Health Centre, Halstead Chambers, 31c Market Hill, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 9JS


The Buntingford Coffee Shop, 61 High Street, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, SG9 9AE


Amber Health, 19 High Street, Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 6AZ


The Courtyard Centre for Health & Wellbeing, 6 High Street, Biggleswade, SG18 0JA



A valuable and wonderful 3 hour session for parents to relieve concerns & worries and feel confident that they are able to do what is right for your baby, even when the tough stuff happens. We call this 'Deliberate Prenatal Bonding'.

~Tools to increase energy levels       ~Let go of negativity      ~Enhance your self-esteem

~Understand your emotions             ~How to look after you    ~Special moments with baby