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Education, Tools, Techniques & Support to empower you through pregnancy, birth & beyond, no matter where or how you birth your baby

Giving you the tools and techniques to empower you through pregnancy, birth and beyond, no matter where or how you birth your baby.


HypnoBirthing is not a new concept, we have been birthing like this for centuries.

A natural concept, it teaches you that in the absence of fear and tension, or special circumstance, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour at all.

You can experience birth as nature intended, beautifully, calmly and easily.

You will not be in a trance or sleep, simply deeply relaxed and focused as if you were reading a good book or watching a film. You will be fully awake throughout, know everything is well, normal and progressing and in control. Your muscles and body will be working as nature intended and in the calm state you will release the precious endorphins much more powerful than morphine and restrict those stressor hormones that cause pain.

Benefits are not restricted to just the birth itself, but also include even greater bonding with your baby, FAST recovery, energy, easier feeding, significant reduction in the chance of PND (post-natal depression),   


Emma Hogg's birth story...

"As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to do a hypnobirthing course. I had heard several friends and relatives birth stories using hypnobirthing and I knew it would be helpful for me- being prone to anxiety.

I found Jane from Breeze Birthing, and she took me and a couple of friends through the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme when I was around 30 weeks pregnant.
I really enjoyed the course, it taught me so much, and helped me to look forward to labour with excited anticipation.

The day I went into labour, I had been pottering about at home, willing things to start. That morning I had a bit of a show so I knew things would be starting soon.
My surges started regularly at about 4pm. I carried on as normal, went for a walk and spoke to my Mum on the phone - I didn't tell her I was potentially in labour as she always said she'd rather not know because she would worry.
I managed to have a bit of dinner, but didn't feel particularly hungry...I was nervously excited that this could be it!
Early evening I decided that if the baby was arriving soon, then I wanted the hoovering to be done and the house to be as spotless as possible, so I set about with my Hetty hoover and hoovered the entire house from top to bottom, only stopping for my husband to time my surges.
Later that evening I bounced on my birthing ball and tried to watch a film, but the surges were coming quicker and more intensely making it difficult to concentrate on anything other than my waves of relaxation.
At about midnight, my husband started saying he thought we should go in to hospital so he rang ahead and spoke to the midwife who agreed that it sounded like labour was progressing. I dragged my heels a bit, as I was happy at home so we didn't actually arrive at the hospital till about 2am, and my surges were now 1 and a half minutes apart and lasting for about a minute.
On examination, I was found to be 8-9cm dilated which I was over the moon about because it meant we could head straight to the birthing pool. I got in at about 3am and a little while later my surges changed and intensified and I could feel my baby moving down.
Several surges and only 20 minutes later, my baby was born so calmly she laid sleeping peacefully in my arms and didn't cry until many minutes later.
It was an amazing experience, I felt completely in control and I was so happy that I had given birth exactly the way I wanted to, with no pain relief or even gas and air!"

From Scarlett and Paul Heath-Yates; Poppy- Isabella, born Friday 13th September 2013

Waters released last Wednesday and was in early labour till Friday morning. I then went in as baby hadn’t moved all morning, We went into The Lister where they popped the rest of the waters. I didn’t want to be induced and I didn’t have a sweep so I went from 3cm-8cm in 1.5hours and then just 20mins later in the pool we gave birth to a happy and healthy Poppy-Isabella who was 7.5lbs and had an APGAR score of 7/10.  The breathing techniques really helped and I really felt the affirmations helped my mind set during early labour. Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us and here’s a lil piccy;)


From Karen and Zak Abdul-Karim; Marcus, born 14th September 2013

Hi Jane, Baby Marcus arrived very quickly at 9:29am weighing 8.5lbs at the birthing centre. Lots of breathing, a bit of gas n air at the end, no stitches! It was wonderful and so quick. Lots of skin to skin this time. Thank you so much he is 100% beautiful and we are both well.


From Anya and Richard Parry; Hector, born 30th August 2013

Just to let you know that Hector was born on Friday at 2.11am weighing 8lbs!

I thought you may wonder how it went?? Basically, my 'surges' started mildly at 7.30pm on thursday after we had put Hatty and Berty to sleep. I was comfortable breathing through them but we headed to the Rosie Birthing Unit at 10ish as being my 3rd they said it could progress fairly suddenly. They took us to our room and left us to it.

I carried on breathing through the surges and listening to my rainbow relaxation (whilst richard had a strategic sleep!) until 12.30 am when I had a wobble of panic. Richard got me in the birthing pool, turned the birthing affirmations CD up, rubbed my back, talked me though the breathing and gave me a load of Aconite (homeopathic remedy to maintain calm) and a few squirts of Bach's Rescue Remedy and I was able to relax again and let my body get on with it.

I can't say it didn't hurt but the breathing helped me manage hugely and it was a completely different experience going through labour thinking contractions were good and that I needed to relax and let my body and baby do what they had to do than tensing up.

The midwife was also fantastic, she left us alone until I asked to go in the pool and she followed my birth plan (that I had copied from jane) completely.

So, thanks Jane for giving us the tools to deal with wobbles and to get through the birth as calmly as possible. It really made a difference to me.

I hope everyone is really well and I'll look forward to hearing your news.




From Rachel and Cameron Thompson; Conor Callum, born 4th July 2013

“15 days overdue and it only took them to break my waters thankfully. 90mins from first contraction to birth- almost happened in the concourse of Addenbrookes! No pain relief, no tearing and a healthy big boy (10lb 10.5ozs) home that evening. I can’t believe it myself but feel very grateful and very proud, thanks! Yay for HypnoBirthing!!!!X”


From Letty Jeffries and Kenny; Quinn Mackay born 4th July 2013

“Quinn Mackay born 1:42am, 6lb 4ozs. I had one pessary and Quinn came along six hours later. I had the CD affirmations on repeat and used the breathing techniques. No pain relief at all! Go HypnoBirthing!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything, you’re amazing xx P.S. Please pass onto the others in the group, hopefully it’ll inspire them! Xx”


From Annabel and Graeme Curwen; Florence born 19th June 2013, 8lb 12oz

"I did a Hypnobirthing course with Jane whilst pregnant with my first child, and it really changed the way I viewed birth. Prior to the course, I had assumed labour would be a horrible event - I was dreading it before I even got pregnant! I assumed I would probably have an epidural and just hope for a labour that wasn't too long or traumatic. Hypnobirthing made me realise that it didn't have to be like that, and it helped me to see the benefits of a more natural approach to birthing. After doing the course, I did the recommended daily relaxation practice and started to read a lot about positive birth and natural birth. All of this combined to make me feel really calm and positive about labour - I ended up looking forward to it rather than dreading it!

The actual birth was a really calm experience and, although I did find the contractions painful, I believe the relaxation techniques helped me to cope with them. If it wasn't for Hypnobirthing, I think I would have had an epidural and then probably triggered a cascade of interventions and ended up with a very different birthing experience.

All in all, I think the course allowed me to have a very calm, relaxed pregnancy and birth. I truly believe that this contributed to the fact that Florence is a very relaxed, happy and alert baby. I would definitely recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone looking for an alternative to the medical approach to birth."

Annabel xXx


From Charlotte Nash; Oliver born 20th May 2013

I would recommend janes breezebirthing courses for hypno birthing to any woman/couple/ person. As someone who wasn't fearing birth but more doubting how calm I would be able to be at my birth, these classes not only gave me the tools to be able to relax and view birth as a positive, natural experience but also to feel confident I could be in control of a wonderful and happy and relaxed birth for me and my baby. The course is presented in a really comfortable and informative way by Jane who is passionate about hypnobirthing and has been a really amazing help and answered any questions I had and made me feel most confident in myself and ability. It really is. Life changing!


From Victoria and Gary Chapman, mother of Maya born 25th April 2013:

After having completed this course with Jane and using the techniques/advice given to help me through the 27 hour birthing marathon of my baby girl Maya, I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to have the natural birthing of their choice with as little intervention as possible.
I was skeptical of my ability to use the power of breathing techniques... however I look forward to being pregnant again in the future. Although my birthing was long, it was manageable and I was in control the whole way through using the breathing/relaxation techniques and a tens machine resulting in a SVD. I used Gas and Air to deliver Maya and this felt amazing, although uncomfortable I felt every contraction and as a result only had minor tears and a 1 inch cut to help get her out. I also did the recommended massage for the last 6 weeks.
My recovery has been quick (4 days in and I am doing housework etc) and Maya is a chilled and content baby. My colostrum came through straight away and my milk came through yesterday (day 3). I am convinced this is due to the lack of drugs pumped into my body.
  Jane Breezebirthing Wallington support did not just end at the end of the course, she answered queries during my labour warm up contractions and was always available. This course is worth it's weight in gold!
I will recommend you to anyone X
Thank you Jane from Gary, VJ and Maya Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx